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Summer Institute

Open SASP Summer Institutes

The design of our summer institute changes from year to year as we work to meet the current need of science and elementary teachers, from kindergarten through high school. From year to year we continue to focus on certain core elements:

  • deepening knowledge of Next Generation Science Standards

  • the Phenomena-Question-Model Framework

  • how to promote sense-making

  • equity in the science classroom

  • hands-on, minds-on, science workshops

Check back for Summer 2023 details

Check back in March for Summer 2023 details


Past Institutes

Chemistry Lab

CSET Institutes

Our CSET Institutes is designed to assist teachers who are preparing to take the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) Science Subtest in Physics or Chemistry. Our goals are with these week-long institutes are to:

1) to deepen teachers’ understanding of physics or chemistry and effective pedagogy,

2) to enhance teachers’ future teaching of physics or chemistry

3) to increase the number of teachers with Science: Physics or Chemistry credentials.

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