The Model-Based Educational Resources-Biology (MBER-Bio) program is a 3-year NSF-funded program in which SASP is designing and investigating an integrated suite of educational resources (including online and professional development elements) to support high school biology teachers in both enacting and understanding a year-long sequence of instruction aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. For instructors, building instruction around models can be a useful entry point into designing challenging learning experiences for students (Passmore & Stewart, 2002; Stewart, Cartier, Passmore, 2005; Stewart, Passmore, Cartier, Rudolph, & Donovan, 2005). Model-based curricula can lead to deep understanding of scientific ideas (Buckley et al., 2004; Cartier & Stewart, 2000; Wynne, Stewart, & Passmore, 2001).

MBER Website www.modelbasedbiology.com

Contacts:  Dr. Cynthia Passmore (cpassmore@ucdavis.edu)