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Sacramento Math and Science Teacher Leaders

The goal of SacMAST-L is to develop a cadre of teacher leaders in mathematics and science education able to aid in the implementation of the new standards (NGSS and CCSS-M) across the region. Twenty teachers were chosen to participate in intensive professional development in pedagogy, educational equity, Linked Learning, and leadership. Each teacher conducts in-depth action research in their classroom each year over the five-year program, and attends a minimum of 200 hours of professional development each year. This project is funded by a Noyce grant from the National Science Foundation.


Elementary Science Instruction and Leadership

The ESIL project seeks to build the leadership capacity of Secondary Science Teachers, Elementary Administrators and Elementary School Teachers in the Elk Grove Unified School District through an intensive professional development program built by SASP. Teams of elementary teachers and administrators performing site-based action research are paired with secondary science teachers in their attendance region to facilitate vertical articulation in science education.

The 2018-2019 ESIL project is supported by a grant from the CalEd Partnership (Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and in conjunction with the California Center on Teaching Careers housed at the Tulare County Office of Education) and the Elk Grove Unified School district.


Model-Based Educational Resources-Biology

The Model-Based Educational Resources-Biology (MBER-Bio) program is a 3-year NSF-funded program in which SASP is designing and investigating an integrated suite of educational resources (including online and professional development elements) to support high school biology teachers in both enacting and understanding a year-long sequence of instruction aligned to the NGSS. For instructors, building instruction around models can be a useful entry point into designing challenging learning experiences for students. Model-based curricula can lead to deep understanding of scientific ideas.


Sacramento Area Science Project - District Services

The Sacramento Area Science Project (SASP) provides a variety of high quality professional development services for K-12 teachers of science. The services range in scope and may be provided onsite or at various locations throughout the Sacramento area.


We work with a select group of university science and education faculty from UC Davis and Sacramento State to design and implement our professional development programs. For more information please visit our Services page.

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